"Planting and Cultivating Seeds of Confidence on the Catwalk and on the Sidewalk"

Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, President

Founded by the multi-talented Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, plus size model, modeling instructor, actress, vocalist, choreographer, pageant titleholder, author, Christian Counselor and Founder of IN FULL BLOOM, PLUS TEEN USA, AND PLUS MODELS USA exemplifies its founder's passion for uplifting others, and for modeling and pageantry.

Having been a plus size teen and currently, a full-figured adult, Jacqueline, a California native, is all too familiar with the struggles associated with having low self-esteem and with not "fitting in" with the look that society deems "acceptable".  Even though she was a heavy teenager, Jacqueline had always been very actively involved in gymnastics, drill team, track, softball, choir and drama.  She even won the award in her junior high school for "Most Physically Fit", surpassing all her peers in her school in areas of physical strength, agility, and endurance.

In the early eighties, Jacqueline was approached by a friend who asked her to commentate a fashion show.  She attended all of the show's practices and as much as she desired to model in the upcoming show, she was rejected because of her fuller frame. Spending her time at the practices learning modeling skills from some of the most fantastic models she had ever seen, she knew she had found her niche.   

A few years later, to her surprise, her mother told her about a large advertisement in her local newspaper where a designer was seeking plus size models.  Springing from her comfort zone to audition for that one designer was the start of a sucessful modeling career!  It wasn't long before Jacqueline became submerged with numerous modeling jobs, working for various stores, magazines, organizations and designers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

In 1995, she enrolled in modeling school at Barbizon School of Modeling in San Francisco to further enhance her skills.  Prior to even graduating, her talents were highly recognized by the Barbizon staff, and she not only became their demo model, demonstrating to other plus size models proper runway techniques during auditions, but also accepted a position as an Instructor, and began teaching modeling and acting classes to other plus size women, children and teens.

During her graduation ceremony, Jacqueline received the award for "Best Runway".  She continued teaching not only at Barbizon, but her modeling and teaching skills recognized by many, she was frequently called upon by various businesses and organizations to organize fashion shows and teach modeling and pageantry skills to adults, children and teens, motivating them to feel good about themselves on the inside, as well as the outside.

In the new millenium, Jacqueline decided to try her hand at pageantry and participated in pageants for plus size women.  In 2000 and 2001, she won the title of Ms. Big, Bold and Beautiful, and in 2003, she was 1st Runner Up for Plus USA Woman, a national pageant held in Chicago.

Because of her love for others, for instilling self love, and because of her passion for the art and instruction of modeling and pageantry, Jacqueline founded IN FULL BLOOM MODELING AND PAGEANTRY ACADEMY in hopes that everyone who has a desire- regardless of physical appearance- can participate in the beautiful arts of modeling and pageantry while embracing themselves and others in the skin they're in.

Through her desire to offer plus size teens an opportunity that was not available to her as a teenager, Dr. Lawrence founded Plus Teen USA, an annual Pageant and Conference for plus size teens throughout the United States.  Dr. Lawrence also founded Plus Models USA to help plus women and teens launch their modeling careers, and Plus Modeling Academy, which offers specialized modeling instruction for plus size women and teens.

Jacqueline states:  "Far too many people fail to live their dreams and fulfill their God-ordained assignments.  Many allow themselves to be held back from receiving all the blessings that God has stored up for them because their focus is on their negative view of self, as well as the fear that others may view them negatively, as opposed to looking inside themselves, developing their character, and learning how to see themselves as good and wonderful, in their plight to become all that God has created them to be.  On the other hand, oftentimes, when people do focus on their inner selves, they typically focus so deeply that they are not concerned at all about  others.  Many therefore, either lack the love of self and/or the love for others needed for them to reach their full potential.  In Full Bloom Academy, unlike other modeling and pageantry institutions, teaches its students to appreciate, accept and respect God and all of His creation, including self and others, so that they can blossom and live out their God-ordained purposes in full bloom."